One of the mistakes that I have kept repeating is being impatient and over optimistic about how much work I can do when setting goals for myself or planning a work schedule. I’d write a huge list of all the things that I am definitely going to do this time, like work 12 hours a day everyday or exercise for 3 hours everyday and then I’d get straight to work.

I would stick to the heavy work load at first, sometimes for a few months but I’d inevitably feel disappointed and give up when I couldn’t live up to my impossible expectations.

What I failed to see is that if I’d created a reasonable plan that I could actually stick to I would have been far more successful. Lets take the working for 12 hours per day as an example. I managed to stick to this for about a month but then ended up giving up because I didn’t have the discipline, I know some people are able to do it but I wasn’t used to working for long periods of time and going with only 6 hours sleep.

I ended up not working at all for a while because of the disappointment.

if I had set my work time to something reasonable like 4 hours per day, I would have gotten much more work done in the long run.

Here is what I mean:

I worked 12 hours for 30 days

12 hours x 30 days = 360 hours

but if I had worked just 4 hours 

(I could easily manage 4 hours of work per day for years without giving up, but for this example let’s say I stuck to it for 1 year.)

4 hours x 365 days = 1,460 hours

In fact I could have done 365 hours of work if I had only worked for 1 hour per day for a year.

My mind (and just about every motivational speaker) was saying “Go fast or go home” instead of “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Consistent effort is the secret key to achieving greatness. Don’t pile the tasks on-top of yourself and make impossible plans that you can’t stick to long term. Just chip away at it a little bit at a time. like Andy from shawshank redemption:


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