Fasting can be lonely. – Does intermittent fasting get easier to talk about?

I don’t remember how I found fasting, but I do remember it gave me hope, I felt like I finally had a shot at living a healthy life. Before fasting, I tried everything. Dieting, exercise, even hypnosis. Nothing seemed to stick. I lost a few pounds here and there, but I always ended up regaining it all. Fasting sounded different though. I read Jason Fung’s obesity code and felt like I finally understood how to lose weight. I had the solution I’d been searching for.

I was so excited; I started my fast before bed and could hardly sleep because I was thinking about how good it was going to be. The next morning I had to tell everybody. The first person I spoke to was my mother. She’d always been supportive of my weight loss goals and was usually happy to hear that I was taking steps to improve my health.

“I think I’ve found a way to lose weight that’s sustainable, Ma,” I told her, still excited about everything I’d read the night before. “What’s that then?” She responded.

I told her about how eating less and moving more had never worked for me. Limiting my calorie intake always ended in me binging because eating made me hungry, combining that with exercise made the hunger ten times worse.

I told her about IF and that I’d started a five day fast to kick off my OMAD fasting schedule.

her face dropped.

“You’ll die of starvation!” She roared. “You need to eat 3 meals a day otherwise you’ll be malnourished!”

The fact that I wanted to fast worried the sh*t out of my mother. She thought I had an eating disorder. After a few hours of trying to convince her that it was a healthy form of weight loss, I decided to tell her I’d break my fast, I could see that she was getting stressed and I’d run out of things to say.

She sat me down and watched me eat before she could relax again. I ate my bacon and eggs and felt disheartened. My excitement had gone away, but I didn’t want to give up that easily so I started the fast again the next day but this time I told everyone except my parents.

Sadly, It wasn’t just my mother who responded like this. I told friends, neighbors and other family members about my incredible new plan to drop the pounds and how other people have used it to lose half of their body weight and keep it off. Everyone responded negatively. I have yet to meet one person IRL that believes fasting is beneficial. It’s been drummed into everyone that we need food for energy and without it, we won’t survive. If that was true why would we store fat? Why would we keep piling it on if we couldn’t use it for energy?

I think this is something that we’ll look back on and laugh at in the future. The same way we do when we find out that people used to think the world was flat. Kids in history class will be like: “really? Health professionals told people to eat five small meals per day to lose weight? that’s crazy!

Everything I found on IF by people who’d tried it was positive. but nobody knows about it, not where I live anyway. I continued to fast but felt incredibly lonely. I couldn’t tell anybody what I was doing because they’d try to make me stop. It was better to keep it to myself. I started to feel like I did have an eating disorder. I was keeping secret journals that I’d hide under my pillow. It was good to write down everything I felt; I still wanted to talk to people about it though.

That’s when I found online communities like /r/fasting. Finally! Somewhere where other people were on the same journey as me. Taking the same steps to improve their lives as I am. I think if I didn’t find this subreddit I would have quit fasting ages ago. It was awesome to know I wasn’t alone, Others were feeling the same way I was and they were pushing through despite mainstream media telling them not to.

I created this blog because I want more people to know that fasting is healthy, I want people to show my blog to their spouse and say “see, It’s all good. I’m not crazy”.

It gives me a way to speak to people about something I can’t talk about in the real world. It’s a way for me to release my thoughts without having someone worrying about my sanity.

I do believe fasting will become easier to talk about, the more people learn about it. That’s why I think we should all aim to lose the weight first and then tell the world how we accomplished it. It’s hard to argue with results. Don’t waste your time trying to prove people wrong by explaining. Prove them wrong with your results.

My family is still unaware that I am fasting. I plan to tell them when I hit my target weight.

If you’re still reading leave a comment below, It’d be nice to hear your thoughts on fasting and what you do to avoid feeling lonely during a fast.

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