Why are you choosing to fast instead of cutting calories and exercising? You know eat less, move more?


The simple answer is this:

I have tried it many times and it’s not for me. My problem is that I am addicted to food. Eating makes me hungrier. Like an alcoholic it is extremely hard for me to have just a little. Once I have a taste I want it all. I don’t know whether I’m just greedy or if it’s a problem that I can’t control. What I do know from experience though is that it’s easier for me to abstain completely (for a period of time) than it is for me to just cut back.

As for exercise:

It’s counterproductive.

I do think exercise has a ton of health benefits for your body and mind; I use exercise whenever I’m feeling depressed and want an instant serotonin boost. Everybody knows it’s good for you but if you’re anything like me (obese, lazy and addicted to food) exercise is probably the hardest way to go about long term weight loss. My quality of life worsens whenever I start exercising. All I do is yearn for food and think about how much better it would make me feel if I just ate something, anything, especially when my body is aching from all that cardio. I always end up eating more than I should because I think “Oh I have probably burned off enough calories today, I DESERVE a kebab.” Also I read somewhere that 75% of how fat you are has to do with your diet. The remaining 25% is related to exercise and genetics… So there, stop making me run, I’m going to be sick.

Why not just cut out unhealthy food completely, just snack on fruit and eat healthy balanced meals?

Whenever I do this the quantity of food I eat drastically increases. You can’t get fat from eating too much fruit right? Wrong! I’d eat 10 bananas, 10 apples and 10 tangerines per day in-between my 3 small healthy meals. I felt amazing but I was gaining weight. Eating anything makes me hungry. No matter how hard I try I can’t stop myself from eating more once I start. Fasting gives me back the control that food takes away from me. The urge to eat is much weaker on an empty stomach (I know… I sound crazy but it’s true)

How are you alive? No one can survive without eating at least 3 meals per day.

You have been duped. The traditional 3 meals a day, snack in-between diet wasn’t created because it has any proven health benefits, it was created by European settlers who decided eating food at a set time was more civilized than eating varying amounts of food at unscheduled times. Before this we ate whenever we were hungry and sometimes went days without eating at all. It’s all a bit silly really. It’s a bit like if the government started telling us we have to have a bowel movement at least 3 times per day and urinate in-between. There is not really a beneficial reason for it (unless you are somebody who enjoys setting up plans for everything you do before you do it). It makes more sense to let our bodies tell us when it needs to go number 2 or when it needs food rather than forcing a schedule on it.

People fast all the time for weight loss/health benefits, religious/spiritual reasons or while preparing for surgery. Let’s not forget that having lap band surgery or getting your stomach stapled is basically forced fasting, They drastically reduce the size of your stomach so that you can barely eat anything which causes you to lose weight. Fasting is a much less intrusive (and expensive!!) form of weight loss.

Won’t you just go into starvation mode and stop losing weight?

I think your definition of starvation mode is different to mine. You believe the myth that when you fast your metabolism grinds to a halt and your body starts breaking down muscle for energy even though you have a ton of fat that can be used.

Take a moment to really think about that… are our bodies really that stupid? I don’t think they are. We are able to heal our injuries and fight off infection, Release adrenaline when a stressful situation presents itself, Breathe and do so many amazing things without even realizing we are doing them. If our body does something, it’s usually for a reason. Think of how we become fat in the first place… After eating too much food our body converts it into fat and DECIDES to store it. Does it do that by mistake? I believe it’s done for a reason.

Our body sees fat as a resource… a tool that can be stored and used when we need it in the future. It’s an alternative source of energy when we have no access to food (Google ketosis). As a civilization we have evolved too quickly for our bodies. We are designed to go long periods without food. We had to go days without food while hunting and then we would feast when we had finally killed something. Our bodies would store fat after every feast to keep us going until the next time we had food.  Since then, we have changed how often we eat but our bodies still store fat the same way, No matter how much we eat, our bodies are still expecting us to be unable to find food for a while, so it keeps storing fat for when that time comes.  This is what makes it clear to me that fasting is the cure to obesity. It’s so simple. I don’t know why I never started fasting sooner.

  1. You eat > Body stops burning fat for energy and uses food instead, whatever energy we don’t use gets stored as fat for when we no longer have access to food.
  2. You fast > Body assumes you have no access to food and starts burning fat for energy, this is called ketosis

as for metabolism, it will obviously slow down slightly just as it would if you were to go on a diet or cut calories. When you do start eating again it will return to normal.

isn’t fasting for weight loss just a fancy way to describe an eating disorder?

If I were underweight and fasting you could call it an eating disorder, but I’m obese and I believe the cure for obesity is fasting. Fasting for long periods of time should only be done by those who have ample fat stores.

*** Don’t fast if you are already underweight or have very little body fat, you will die. ***

Won’t you just gain all the weight back once you stop fasting?

This is a new way of life for me, not just a diet that I use to reach my goal weight and then go right back to my old eating habits. I will cut my fasting days down as my weight drops and I hit my target weight. I will maintain my weight loss by fasting for at least one day per week. I’ll be keeping a close eye on my weight and if it starts to creep up on me I will increase my fasting days until I find the perfect balance.