My Fasting Journey (OMAD)

Day: 1

  • Weight: 391 lbs
  • Date: 18-Jun-2018

I apologize for that nasty looking picture of my torso, I know nobody wants to see that but it will be fun to see where I started in a year from now.

My plan initially was to fast Mon – Fri but that was too difficult for me I kept giving in to the cravings by Wednesday.

I’m giving one meal a day (OMAD) a try, this is where you fast for 23 hours of the day and eat for 1 hour. 

I plan to eat one meal and one snack per day (within the same hour). This eating style will be continuous, there’ll be no breaks or cheat days as I’ll be eating whatever meal/snack I want everyday.

This method of intermittent fasting is much less anti-social than fasting for days at a time. You can still eat with family and don’t really have to tell anybody what you’re up to. Friends and family wont be scared that your not eating which means they wont encourage you to eat more.

If this method is of weight loss is too slow I will try OMEOD (One Meal Every Other Day). My goal is to lose 10lbs – 15lbs per month until I reach 200lbs.

Once I hit my target weight of 200lbs I will maintain my weight by following a 5:2 diet. (eat for five days, fast for 2 days every week).

4:15PM Just had my meal and snack for the day. I ate 2 bacon and cheese turnovers which have 375 calories each and I also ate a doughnut with 200 calories. This seems much easier than fasting all week. I am hoping it is going to be effective because it seems a little too good to be true at the moment. I can eat whatever meal I want and one snack and as long as I fast for 23 hours per day I’ll lose weight? We’ll see.

Day: 2

  • Date: 19-Jun-2018
  • Weight: 390 lbs
  • Weight Lost: 1 lbs

Today was very easy again, Feels like I’m not fasting at all. I’ve had no cravings whatsoever.

This type of fasting (omad) seems much more doable to me than my previous fasting style. I can see myself being able to sustain the fast for years. I only lost 1lb on my first day but for the amount of effort it took I can’t complain. I might change the fast so that I eat OMAD on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and fast completely on wednesday and sunday.

That should hopefully speed up the process while remaining sustainable in the long run.


8:42 PM: I ate my meal and one snack about an hour ago and still feel satisfied. I’m fasting the whole tomorrow so I wont eat again until my meal on Thursday. For those of you wondering I had 2 bacon sandwiches and they were delicious! My snack was a banana.

Not sure what else to write so I guess that’s it for today. Good luck to you all on your own journeys.


Day: 3

  • Date: 19-Jun-2018
  • Weight: 388 lbs
  • Weight Lost: 3 lbs

3lbs down! 

I didn’t end up fasting for 24h and stuck to OMAD

Very happy to see the numbers going down when this is seeming like no work at all. I just wish I had done this years ago. The only problem I’ve noticed is sleep.

Sleep has been terrible on this fast as  is to be expected when you start a new fast, your body needs time to adapt to the higher levels of adrenaline. I wrote a blog post about Fasting and (lack of) sleep

I think I managed to sleep for about 4 hours lastnight and the sleep I did get was not a deep sleep, more like a few short naps spaced out with hours of lying in bed inbetween.

Not much hunger today, I have been spending most of my time day-dreaming about how much better my life will be a year from now if I stick to this fast long term