The Plan

I am going to lose 140lbs in one year through fasting. I weigh 393 lbs now (29 May 2018) and I hope to weigh 253 lbs or less by 29 May 2019

I will be fasting for 120 hours consecutively (From Sunday at 6PM – Friday at 6PM) every week

I will write a blog post every day on how the fast is going and how much I weigh.

This might all sound a bit extreme but I’m sure I have enough fat reserve to keep me safe. (Please don’t try this if you only have a few pounds to lose and always check with your doctor first.)

I am also playing this day by day if I don’t feel right at any point or if it is simply too hard to fast 5 days every week I may decide to shorten the weekly fasting duration or alternate between 3 days a week and 5 days a week

I believe fasting is the best option for me in terms of weight loss because I have a food addiction. The more I eat the hungrier I get. It’s not really hunger though; it’s more of an uncontrollable urge to eat something. It doesn’t matter what food I eat, healthy or unhealthy. Eating triggers something in my brain that makes every bone in my body crave more food.

Alcoholics are unable to drink in moderation because once they start they can’t control how much they have to drink and can’t stop themselves from drinking more. Most recovering alcoholics quickly realize that abstinence is the only way. From my experience food addiction works in the same way but it’s a bit trickier… If you abstain from food completely you’ll die.

By abstaining from all food for a period of time I am regaining control of my eating habits. It is easier for me to eat nothing than it is to just eat 1,500 calories per day because I only get that uncontrollable urge to start munching when I have something to eat. The craving to eat is always there but it’s much easier to manage on an empty stomach

Fasting also has many other health benefits that traditional diet and exercise does not, most importantly, longevity and prevention or reversal of type two diabetes. I don’t have type two diabetes yet but I’m sure if I carry on the way I have been it’d be only a matter of time.

On non fasting days I will aim to make healthy food choices but I’m not really bothered about what I eat or how much I eat at this point, that will likely change as I slim down and it becomes harder to drop the pounds and still eat pizza every weekend.

I will eat a small amount of food (500 calories) on Friday evening before bed to get my digestive system ready for Saturday and Sunday.

I am not too worried about refeeding syndrome as I have fasted a few times before and every time I broke my fast with something like chocolate or a full meal and had no issues. Do you think our hunter-gatherer ancestors who often went days without food eased into eating again after successfully hunting down a bison? No way. I think refeeding syndrome’s more of a problem for those who have fasted for 30 days or more. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

There are no rules on Saturday or Sunday up until 8PM. I can eat what I want, when I want, as often as I want. I am never able to eat that much after fasting anyway, my stomach shrinks to the point where I get full after only eating half of what I would normally eat. Hopefully I’ll choose healthy foods but I won’t feel too bad if I just eat junk all day. I’d have earned it after not eating for 5 days straight!

I know I am likely going to run into some problems at some point. I will have a bad day and just break the fast early with a takeaway or there may be special occasions like birthday celebrations where I let myself eat during a weekday.

The important thing to remember after I slip up is that fasting for 5 days every week is hard. One bad day is not that big of a deal as long as I get back on track the next day. I still need to write a blog post explaining that I messed up and try to put into words exactly what caused the fuck up in order to prevent myself from making the same mistake twice

I am not going to tell my friends and family how I am losing the weight until I hit my target weight. They would probably think I have some kind of eating disorder and start tracking how much I eat and try persuading me to stop fasting every week. I have spent hours researching this form of weight loss and even spoken to people who have lost a lot of weight themselves through fasting on a weekly basis or intermittent fasting. I am not just jumping in the deep end and praying I’ll survive. I am certain that my health is not at risk by fasting, carrying on eating so much the way I have been however, would be very risky and in the end result in an early death.

Fasting for weight loss is not really discussed in the mainstream. Then again, why would it be? Nobody profits when we stop eating so much. The traditional three meals a day, snack in-between BS however, is drummed into us at every possible opportunity, despite having no proven health benefits and being known to cause obesity, type 2 diabetes, IBS, water retention and a lot more.

I am looking forward to getting started and replying to any comments I may get from my readers, Hearing from others and knowing that someone out there might be checking in on my progress will definitely push me to keep going.